Wardrobe is bedroom main furniture for storing clothes, jewelery, and others. Wardrobe Design has quite different model from closet. This furniture is commonly designed smaller than closet or even walk-in-closet. Wardrobe is just like cabinetry which featured with some kits, drawers, and hanging rails for hanging clothes collection. Generally, wardrobe is made in high rectangular shape as like standard cabinetry in the house. This designed is quite different with the corner wardrobe since it is intentionally made for corner space in the bedroom. 

Bedroom Wardrobe Design photo
Bedroom Wardrobe Design

Wood always becomes main material for home furniture including wardrobe. Glass and wood combination gives even more modern accent for the bedroom. To save more space on the wall, full body mirror installation on the wardrobe door seems to be perfect as space saver idea. Large corner wardrobe should involves more shelves, drawers, and hanging rails spaces.

Large Wardrobe Design

Large wardrobe is designed in wider dimension to fill free wall space in the large space. Wardrobe is just like other furniture found inside the house. It comes in various models to fit the room interior decor ideas. Color scheme of the wardrobe is available in various choices. Choosing vibrant and neutral colors composition on the wardrobe may give cool accent for the bedroom.

Large Bedroom Wardrobe Design Photo

Large  Black BedroomWardrobe Design

Large Clean Wardrobe Design

Large Colorful Bedroom Wardrobe Design

Large Corner Bedroom Wardrobe Design
Large Wardrobe Design
Large Wardrobe Design

Large Modern Bedroom Wardrobe Design

Large Wardrobe Bedroom with Sliding+Door Design

Small Wardrobe Design

Small bedroom space commonly doesn’t allow you to place too many furniture in the same place. Corner wardrobe is the best solution for bedroom with small spaces. Small corner wardrobe is typically made in certain dimension to fit the small bedroom space. It is because this corner furniture is intentionally designed to maximize the corner space in the bedroom effectively. Since it is corner furniture version, no wonder it is designed with sharp edge on the back part fitting the corner space in the room.

Small black Wardrobe Design

Small ikea Wardrobe Design

 modern Small Wardrobe Design

Small Wardrobe Design
Small Wardrobe Design