In search of a new image and concept, the main idea was to find a style that is warm, classic, elegant without setting aside a modern and innovative, the idea and concept that was used for this store was the concept of a skein of yarn in which there are always lines that intertwine. Within this first property gave emphasis to which access is governed by a material change and this was creating a strip of wood and topped with a large wall to the center of the store lined with Venetian mosaic, two touches of unique material in space. On the sides seek a modulation according to the materials used.

Modulating floors and taking modules of 60 cm. It began to play with vertical and horizontal lines for achieving this intersection of lines within these intersections were created some gaps and spaces to enclose the furniture. It should be mentioned that the lines generated besides this modulation followed the pace until the ceiling to create an envelope in the space with these lines generated in an abstract way....more