Opened last year, Germain made his life.
"For Germain, I had the proper codes for diverting Parisian bistro, juxtaposing them. Deconstructing space by playing with scale, proportion, make angular, rough. Paradisio extends the story and is the belly, so I have drawn opposition from a room's round, like a skin. "
Because a film is a world apart. The 130 m2 of underground space are a no. The first sketches explore its flaws, absorb its imperfections to remove each square. Loosens and turns drawing straight lines in a dotted line, and everywhere in 3 dimensions. Architectural bias inhabited by a stylized jungle setting and ultramodern paradise. Playing with the brightness, superstitions and curves, the material is dull and luxurious colors range from the brown, bronze and blue. A fresco leather studded Peacock blue, decorated with flat areas of primary-colored felt a draft fantasy landscape: a lion, a flower, a bird on the branch.
"The Paradiso is a unique moment in a fantasy world. Autarkic king of this kingdom, one can choose a movie and dinner there, away from light, noise, the city whose heart beats just top......more