This is a café in the clouds. It sits on the 52nd floor of Roppongi Hills – overlooking the vast shag-pile in concrete that is Tokyo. The space is organized with low zigzagging walls upholstered in pink leather. It brings a dash of glam and colour to the sleekness of the surroundings.

Sitting in a café with such a outstanding view, it’s hard to keep your attention on your companion’s face. Your eyes keep straying to off the horizon. Rather that try fight this natural impulse, we accentuated it. We created a stepping floor, so those at the back could so over the heads of those nearest the windows. And we added mirrors, to bring some of the view to those unfortunate ones who were still left view-challenged. But not just ordinary mirrors. Convex mirrors used to see around tight street corners in the narrow winding alleys of Tokyo. They provide a gentle reminder of the delights at street-level of the city the café so loftily overlooks.....more